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Need a barcode?

GS1 barcodes and Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) are necessary for most online and traditional retailers.

Whether you are selling in stores, online, or both, the right place to turn for GS1 barcodes is GS1 Latvia.

We are the ONLY authorised place you can get GS1 GTINs in Latvia.

What do I need to do to get a barcode?

Before you can begin using GS1 barcodes, you must create the numbers that go inside the symbol. These barcode numbers are known as a GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers). GTIN is the number you see underneath the GS1 barcode symbol and it’s the same number that’s encoded in the lines and spaces that the scanner reads. GTINs uniquely identify products at all item and package levels.

The first step in creating an official, globally recognised GTIN, Global Location Number (GLN) or any other GS1 identification key (e.g. SSCC) is to obtain a GS1 Company Prefix from an official GS1 Member Organisation - GS1 Latvia.

GS1 Company Prefix is a unique identification number issued just to your company - and it is part of every barcode and other GS1 identification keys you create. It’s the internationally accepted way to uniquely identify your brand in the global supply chain.

Join GS1 Latvia and get barcodes

GS1 Company Prefix can be requested by the product brand owner, the company that owns the specifications of the trade item, regardless of where and by whom the product is manufactured.

1 Join GS1 Latvia

By proceeding you agree to the Terms and Conditions that apply to you: GS1 Latvia Statutes, Regulations. Complete and sign Application Form and send us by e-mail

Application Form (pdf)Note: This form will open in your browser and must be downloaded and saved before you start to fill the form in electronically. It must be completed electronically and you must use Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download a free version here.

Average number of employees in the previous year, according to the official annual report
One-off Admission Fee
Annual Membership Fee
1-5 and Turnover < 99 600 Eur
71 Eur
71 Eur
1-5 and Turnover > 99 600 Eur
71 Eur
100 Eur
6-20 regardless of the Turnover
71 Eur
142 Eur
21-100 regardless of the Turnover
71 Eur
285 Eur
101 and more regardless of the Turnover
71 Eur
427 Eur

The invoice will be issued within one work day and sent to you by e-mail.

2 Receive your own unique GS1 Company Prefix.

Upon receipt of payment, a unique GS1 Company Prefix will be assigned within one business day, a Membership Certificate will be prepared and the contact person indicated in the application will be assigned a username and password for GTIN/GLN registration in the Product/Location Catalogue.

Each company is assigned one 9-digit GS1 Company Prefix. If more than 1,000 product types are to be labeled, the company can be given a 7-digit company prefix at an additional cost.

GS1 Company Prefix allocated to the company is exclusively for member use – company must not assign, licence or allow its use by any other company.

GS1 Company Prefix is the basis of the GS1 system for creating all GS1 Identification Keys.

Using this, GS1 Latvia to each its member allocates Global Location Number (GLN) for company legal entity identification. Based on its GS1 Company Prefix, the member takes responsibility for assigning further identification numbers according to the area of use, under adherence to the system regulations.

3 Start assigning GS1 numbers

When you obtain a GS1 Company Prefix, you will be able to get an access to mansGS1 - GS1 Latvia products and locations catalogue. It’s our online tool that helps you to create, store and manage all of your barcodes and product numbers - GTINs, variable measure numbers (RCN), and Global Location Numbers (GLNs).

PLEASE NOTE: mansGS1 is in Latvian language ONLY.

You’ll get an access to Barcode image generator – create barcode images quickly and easily.

The use of GS1 system is detailed in the GS1 General Specifications.
The implementation of the technical requirements for use of the GS1 system is the responsibility of the member.

For more information in English please visit GS1 website.